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Saturday, 12 December 2009


all items are from a smoke free and pet free home.
please email for a shipping quote.
all prices are in USD. payment by PAYPAL ONLY.
if using credit card, excess charges should be beared by the buyer.
please email/comment on the tagboard for any questions//offers//negotiations.
happy shopping!

Sweet Licca shirt in clean and wonderful condition. Hardly used. $1.50
Barbie checked shirt with silver non-functional buttons. $3 sold
Elegant Barbie top. Beautiful piece with sparkly fuchsia threads peeking from underneath the black fabric. $2
Ixtee punk shirt in great condition. $5 sold
Barbie red and black polka-dotted top with puffed sleeves $3 sold

Barbie fuschia long-sleeved top (sleeves are too long for Blythe, but great for Pullip) Made of netted material with an inbuilt tube. $2
Pastel striped long sleeved shirt. A little loose for Blythe in the bodice area, but would look fine as a pyjama top/loose shirt. $3
Sugarmag red and white polka dotted petticoat $4
Barbie high-waisted skirt; can be worn as a tube dress or a mid-shin skirt for Blythe. $2

Barbie glittery purple tube dress. Goes to mid-shin for Blythe. $2
Black high-necked dress made tailored to Blythe's specifications. Has a beautiful silver buckle and dainty ricrac trimming. $8 sold
Translucent Barbie nightie. Ideal for your little enchantress. $2

White Licca wedding dress. Laced puffed sleeves, skirt material made of fleece, soft and smooth to the touch. $5
Elaborate red and white polka-dotted Lolita dress from Sugarmag. Has a large ribbon at the back. Detailed and gorgeous. $10
(comes with a matching hairpin and bag as shown below)


Skull cap for Blythe heads. A little loose on Pullip and Dal. $6 sold
Louos Loves red beanie with genuine Swarovski crystals. $5
Louos Loves purple headband with butterfly accents. Comes with a elastic at the back. $2

Cuffed jeans made of real denim. A little tight at the waist for Blythes, pe
Straight-cut denim jeans for Blythe and Dal. Looks cute worn cropped on Pullip, but cannot close. $4
Boho bellbottoms with red pockets. Pullip length and size. $2

A close-up shot of the straight-cut jeans from the above picture. Taking orders for this!

Blue stretchy cotton tights. $2.50
Yellow stretchy cotton tights $2.50

Taking orders for all below:
Red zori for Blythe and Dal. Pair with a yukata. $1
Black slingbacks. Fit like a glove on Blythe and Dal. $1
White shoes. Snug on Blythe. $0.50
White slingbacks. Fit like a glove on Blythe and Dal. $1

Taking orders for all the below:
Blue fairy/evening dress. Simple and chic. $2
White fairy/evening dress. $2

Taking orders for all below:
Red and white striped spaghetti cropped top. Fits Blythe, Pullip and Dal. Cute and nautical. ;D Available in yellow. $2
Blue one-piece bathing suit. Made of stretchy and elastic material. Has transparent extremely elastic straps to help hold up the top. Contorts to Blythe, Pullip and Dal body. Available in yellow. $2
The yellow for both items is a paler, sweeter shade of smiley-emoticon-yellow.

Yume models the swimsuit. Sexy much?

Green checked belted dress. Very cute and retro-chic. Available in red. Taking orders for this. $3.50

Maid costume. Taking orders for this. Available in pink. $3.50

Lightweight yukata. Obi is removable. Available in pink. $3

Checked Barbie pants. Fits Pullip. $1
Bratz olive corduroys. $5
Denim cutoffs. Fits Dal. $1
Bratz jeans. $3.50
Bratz blue trousers. $3

Purple Barbie dress. $4
Pink jersey Barbie dress. $4

Purple Barbie dress. $3
Pink Barbie dress. $0.50 or free with any purchase!

Pink Barbie skirt. $1
Purple bartender Barbie skirt. $2
Bratz denim skirt. $3.50
Pink rose Barbie top. $1
Pale pink bustier top. Has raw edges but still very pretty. $1

Sugarmag vest $5 sold
Beautiful knitted sweater with working buttons $8

Detail of beautiful knitted sweater. Check out the gradiented flower.

The back. Notice the gradiented trimming.

Candycane striped stockings. $2.50 sold
Striped socks. $0.50
Brown knitted legwarmers FREE with any purchase

Bratz winter wonderland snowboard. $2
Skiboard with workable and movable straps. Can be attached to your doll's shoes. $5

All shoes $0.20
except pale pink sandals (fit Dal and Pullip, has working buckle) $1
or take all for $2

Wiifit board with wiifit game(opens up) $5 (3 available)
Wii with wiifit $5

Side note: Barbie clothes fit pretty well on Obitsu SBH-M bodies. (and even better than on any Pullip body) I'm sure they fit pretty well on SB1/2/3 too, so do consider the Barbie clothes if you have an Obitsued Pullip! For Blythes with Licca bodies, most of the items if okay for Blythe, are okay for Licca, so do ask about them if you're unsure. Ask and you shall be answered~



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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

finally made sleep eyes for nyx!! :D
it was a very very stressful process. The back of her scalp has holes, scratches and i broke this thing in the hole at the back of her head, so she cant undo her sleepeyes anymore (hopefully its just that and not anything else which may hinder her!) :(

started by taking out the spring, and it immediately "boing-ed" back cos i didnt grab it properly. so spent the whole time trying to take it out but to no avail. then decided to open the head, but to no no no avail at all. so the back thing at the head broke and i could take out the spring >_<
anyway im really satisfied hahaha, after a frenzied day of posting questions on tib and waiting for replies, and trying to figure out what tutorials say about head opening (which failed miserably).
anyway i was very relieved yesterday after managing to put on a string to her spring and after that, gave her a good hair wash :D i sound like some old granny recounting how she spends her day.. and i also gave her new eyelashes so they are smoother than the previous ones. its the same pattern but its smootherrrr hahahaa.
ooh and i also sandmatted her finally. phew... wanted to paint her eyelids today but i realised i did not have any black paint. :/
i also thought of giving mel sleep eyes but i couldnt unhook her spring so i gave up, for fear that i will need to go through the whole tedious process again. X__X

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Saturday, 13 December 2008


its the time of the year again when they girls have to clear their wardrobes in order to expand it. items here either do not fit the girls' personalities or have been worn a few times already. even so, they are in pretty good condition.
all items are from a smoke-free and pet-free home.
payment by paypal only. all prices are in US dollars.

hope you can find something nice for your dollies here :D

1. checked blouse (can be worn as an outershirt) $3
2. barbie sheer blue camisole $3
3. barbie red and black top (may stain) $3
4. barbie top $3
5. barbie long dress $2
6. sugarmag red and white ribbon and lace dress $10
7. white halter dress (can be worn as a tube if strings are tucked in) $7 SOLD

8. lepetitboutique black with tiny colorful hears and matching green ribbon dress $10 SOLD
9. sugarmag earthly brown dress $10 SOLD
10. barbie sheer top $3
11. barbie shimmering skirt $3
12. white sugarmag petticoat $3.75 SOLD

13. yellow leggings (never worn) $3
14. blue leggings (never worn) $3
15. black and white striped leggings $3 SOLD
16. striped green stockings $4
17. hot pink stockings $4
18. white sugarmag socks $2
19. dark blue and grey socks $2 SOLD
20. rement bag $2 SOLD

white boots
long white boots (Fits blythes, dals, pullips) $15 NOW $12

wiis for your dolls $5 each set.
limited number only, so grab them fast :D your girls (and any blythe boys) are bound to loove them :D
a. wii+game

a. wii+game 3 sets left!
b. wii+wiifit 6 sets left!

d. wiifit+game 4 sets left!

feel free to email us at blythe-d@hotmail.com for any questions//orders.


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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Queen. Sulky pouty.

Left: Nyx the maid serves Queen Yume. Cerise is a court attendant, while Mel is a hunter bowing to the Queen. The girls love to role play yeah?
Right: Nyx. Out of character. RARE PICTURE! SAVE IT NOW!

Pussycat doll!

Introducing Melanie Schif-I mean-Scherzinger!

Born to be a Slut. Absolut Slut.

Everyone knows Mel was born to be an absolute slut.

Cerise rocks. Cerise bares it!

Cerise dares to bare. Them hem of her dress is lifted so you can see her Wii-tennis-toned thigh. Hot or hot?

Family shot.

Family shot. From top left hand corner, Yume doing an ice-skating pose, Cerise displaying her personal style of prep-schoolgirl-meets-slut look(you can't really see her bared thigh here though), Nyx cramping her style in a boho-like outfit, Melanie stretching her endless legs in a hastily assembled outfit consisting of a Sevastra000 blouse and Barbie FF shorts. Cash meets trash.

All 4 of the Blythed girls were at Yinhui's house for a weekend pajama party, a very rare happening since Nyx always had trouble obtaining permission from her guardian Esther before coming to stay with Cerise and Yume. Anyway, they had a great time together, brushing each others' hair, exchanging styling tips and trying on each others' clothes, not to mention gossiping about their guardians and basically doing all sorts of things that dolls do when they get together.

Nyx seemed more effeminate when she returned to Esther's, while Cerise's current choices of outifts seemed to be influenced by current rock bands. Yume stayed pretty much the same-perfect, while Mel fell in love with Nicole Scherzinger's personal style, swearing to dress like her all the time. Woohoo! Seems like this sleepover was rather meaningful after all, since everyone learnt a little bit from each other and changed for the better!

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Friday, 14 November 2008

SHINYX: the photostory.
starring: nyx, who insists this is cramping her style. but her owner made her do this to uhm, for yinhui :D

"hi, my name is shinyx and i love to mug."
"or rather, i love appearing to love to mug. confusing? not so. i have a guide even"
"i burn the midnight oil, don black rimmed specs and clip my hair up to appear more studious. wonder if the whole, image is working out for you guys. cos well, in my school, it sure is drawing some attention from the puny juniors."
during the nights of olevel period, shinyx sleeps on the calculator, hoping numbers and formulas will get into her head.
when she got the paper, she was shocked. well, not really. she was prepared im sure. i mean, shinyx=smart nerd=know how to answer difficult questions.
finally, o's was over and...

its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes. nah, being more conservative, shinyx removed her specs 8D

and that butterfly clippy thing, shaking her head wildy, tossing her hair into place. later she kicked off her shoes and invited her best friend to her place for a time of celebration.
"its party time, yo! cakes? drinks? feel free to eat whatever you like! live life like theres no tomorrow~~~"
oh happy go lucky shinyx and her friend were all so high after the night of celebration when licca-maid (SORRY LICCA! >_<) saw the mess, she smacked her head and grudgingly cleaned the place, while the 2 friends went off to the night clubs at clarke quay.
who knew shinyx was the partying type, afterall, "you dont get to see the tears character i cry am, behind these hazel eyes black rimmed specs..."

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We spent an hour plus lingering in the doll shop contemplating if we should use our savings to get our first Blythe and upon seeing us so undecisive yet adamant about getting one, the shop owner gave us a slight discount which we found so hard to resist.
And that was how we got Blythed.


Hey there! We are two girls from sunny Singapore and would love to share our passion for Blythes with you.
Ever since we've gotten our first Blythe, we have taken an interest in sewing, knitting, making furniture and of course, photography.
This has also unleashed an inner feminine and fussy side like making sure she is carefully cleaned, daintily dressed, prim and proper.
We also hope to make Blythe friends locally and internationally.

Esther and Yin Hui.


Melanie Schiffer
07 July 2007
Prima Dolly Ginger
Nature lover.
Chocolate Brown
Shades of Green.
Warm, soft eyes.

11 October 2007
Baby The Stars Shine Bright Doll: Yukinonamidahime
(Princess of the Tears of Snow)
Snow Princess.
Pale colours.
Likes reading fairytales
And daydreaming.

13 April 2008
Love Mission
Intellect/ Rocker
Black. Red. White.
Loves Queen, Within Temptation

10 May 2008
Ichigo Heaven
Exuberant personality.
Game designer.
Bright colours.
Loves trying new things.



Calling for Blythe funds!
Any amount (or currency) is appreciated.
Thank you!

Drop us an email if you want to kope any pictures!
(c)2012 Esther and YinHui, if not stated otherwise.

contact us